Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Season | Florida Wedding Photographer | Shining Moments Photography

It's wedding season! And this year, our owner Sarah is planning one of her own! Being a wedding vendor herself, she's got the inside scoop on where to compromise, where to cut corners, and where to splurge. So periodically, you'll see her post some little tid-bit. She's also offering you the opportunity to pick her brain on all things wedding! Whether you've got questions about photography, other vendors, how to squeeze every last dime out of your budget without going over...send them her way. You can post here, send her an email directly, or visit her personal wedding website at So without hesitation, here is Sarah's first tip:

After announcing your engagement, you will be bombarded by vendors. One thing I've done to stay organized is create a list in Microsoft Excel with the vendor's name, contact info, and any notes about packages or pricing. I've also included whether or not they fit within my budget instead of just deleting them. This way, every time I'm contacted by a vendor, I don't have to try and remember if I've looked at their stuff before or if they're budget friendly. You could also set up a separate email address just for wedding stuff so your regular email isn't hit like the target at a police firing range.

Brides, what are some things you've done to stay organized?

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